Upcoming KEEA Events


This event list contains programming hosted by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance, a Pennsylvania-based trade organization.

Looking for events hosted by the Energy Efficiency Alliance (EEA) or the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey (EEA-NJ)? Visit their event pages:


 October 25, 1 p.m., 2023
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free!
Open to PA Contractors

Hosted by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance, Building Performance Association, and MT Weatherization.

In partnership with the Building Performance Association, KEEA is starting to build a network of weatherization industry contractors who can share in a peer-to-peer learning and information-sharing network. MT Weatherization serves as the lead contractor convener. These calls are open to all contractors.


When: November 14, All Day, 2023
Where: Harrisburg, PA
Cost: Free
Open to PA Energy Efficiency Businesses

Hosted by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance and Green Building United


We invite KEEA members and other PA energy efficiency businesses to attend a lobby day in Harrisburg on November 14! Join KEEA staff and partners from Green Building United to show legislators that energy efficiency is an important and growing driver of the economy throughout Pennsylvania, and that it benefits their constituents by improving energy affordability and occupant health and comfort.

Please RSVP here as soon as possible. Early RSVPs help us to effectively plan meetings with legislators. Contact KEEA Government Affairs Manager Rachel Goodgal with questions: rgoodgal@keealliance.org.

Upcoming Events From the EEA Nonprofit Family: