Celebrating KEEA’s 2022 Energy Efficiency Champions

KEEA is proud to announce our two Pennsylvania Energy Efficiency champions:

Performance Systems Development
Pennsylvania Senator Nikil Saval


KEEA Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa on Our 2022 Champions:

“Whether they’re in the private sector or public servants, our 2022 Energy Efficiency Champions exemplify the leadership needed to create a clean, just, and resilient energy economy for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond. Our private sector champions look beyond their own companies to support the entire region’s energy efficiency industry, and our public sector champions have led forward-thinking, equity-focused policy initiatives. These champions help people  benefit from energy efficiency—through lower bills, healthier homes, cleaner air, a safer climate, and tens of thousands of jobs across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

KEEA’s 2022 Member EE Champion:

Performance Systems Development

PSD send several building experts to KEEA & EEA-NJ’s 2022 Policy Conference in Philadelphia.

“PSD is honored to receive this award. Our mission is to change the world by changing how people and buildings use energy.  Improving energy efficiency is a critical strategy to mitigate the impacts of climate change and making Pennsylvania—as well as all the states in which we operate—better places to live and work.”

Kathy Greely, CEO


Why Performance Systems Development is Our 2022 Champion:

Performance Systems Development (psdconsulting.com) is a building science firm devoted to the development and delivery of whole building and performance-based energy efficiency programs and services. Performance Systems Development’s leadership and staff have been vocal 2022 advocates for policies that expand access to energy efficiency services, even speaking at a rally in Harrisburg in support of what became the Whole-Home Repairs Program and voicing their support for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative—and its potential to fund even more energy efficiency work in Pennsylvania—through legislative meetings and letters to the editor. PSD has been an invaluable resource for KEEA’s policy team, providing expert insight and support throughout the year.

KEEA’s 2022 Public Servant EE Champion:

PA Senator Nikil Saval

“The push for energy efficiency is a push for justice—economic justice, environmental justice, and housing justice. In Pennsylvania, our hotter climate means that people are living in homes that were never designed to withstand the extreme weather we now experience, and communities have long been denied the resources they need to adapt. Energy efficiency is an essential tool to keep people safe and healthy in their homes, and KEEA is a crucial partner in this work.”

Sen. Saval

Why Senator Nikil Saval is Our 2022 Champion:

The recent codification of the Whole-Home Repairs program into Pennsylvania law could not have happened without Senator Nikil Saval’s work throughout 2022. From his attention to stakeholder feedback early in the legislative drafting process to his leadership spearheading a diverse and bipartisan coalition of legislators, businesses, and community groups, Saval has demonstrated that good energy policy and passionate advocacy can unite Pennsylvanians across party lines. The resulting Whole-Home Repairs programs will create safer, healthier, and more affordable homes across the Commonwealth, ensuring that energy efficiency services reach those who need them most.

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