Celebrating KEEA’s 2023 Energy Efficiency Champions

KEEA is proud to announce our two Pennsylvania Energy Efficiency champions:

PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Energy Programs Office

KEEA Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa on our 2023 Champions:

“Whether they’re in the private sector or public servants, our 2023 Energy Efficiency Champions exemplify the leadership needed to create a clean, just, and resilient energy economy for Pennsylvania and beyond. Driving broader adoption of energy efficiency approaches can unlock decarbonization potential and support tens of thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth. From distributed energy resources to managing load and stabilizing the grid, energy efficiency is more relevant than ever before.”

KEEA’s 2023 Member EE Champion:


The ELEDLights project management team at a 600,000 aluminum fabrication facility where they completed a full building LED conversion.


“Energy efficiency is a big concept that can be hard to visualize. But our team helps people see what it could mean for them. With layouts, designs, and simple breakdowns of the numbers, we show clients what their current lighting system is costing them in energy and how much better it will be with an energy efficient upgrade. And then, importantly, we make it affordable. With a mix of fair pricing and energy efficiency rebates that we help find and process, local businesses can boost their sustainability at very low upfront costs.”

Kyle Mann, President

Why ELEDLights is Our 2023 Champion:

ELEDLights (eledlights.com) is a Pennsylvania-based LED lighting and lighting design services provider with a focus on improving energy efficiency for local businesses and organizations. In 2023, ELEDLights staff and leadership were vocal advocates for policies that expand access to energy efficiency services. ELEDLights hosted nonpartisan candidate education events on behalf of KEEA at their Hatboro headquarters and voiced their support for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative—and its potential to fund even more energy efficiency work in Pennsylvania—through legislative meetings and letters to the editor. ELED provided expert insight and support throughout the year, becoming an invaluable resource for KEEA’s policy team. President Kyle Mann co-chaired the Annual Policy Conference Planning Committee.

KEEA’s 2023 Public Servant EE Champion:

PA DEP’s Energy Programs Office

“I am extremely proud of our Energy Programs Office (EPO) and am thrilled the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance also recognizes these talented men and women as exceptional, and decided to award them as Outstanding Public Servant: PA Champion for 2023. The state energy office has continually proven to be a champion of the people of our Commonwealth, and has served as a driving force within Pennsylvania in efforts to increase energy efficiency, a clean and diverse energy supply, infrastructure modernization, jobs, resiliency, environmental protection and health. The EPO are truly stewards of Article 1 Section 27 of the PA Constitution and I am thrilled to work alongside them as we work to address climate change and protect our future.”

Rich Negrin, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection

Why the PA DEP’s Energy Programs Office is Our 2023 Champion:

DEP’s Energy Programs Office is involved in supporting, designing, and implementing energy-focused programs to encourage the development and deployment of energy efficiency, energy resiliency, and alternative energy projects in Pennsylvania. Led by Director David A. Althoff Jr., the Energy Programs Office’s mission is to support energy activities that result in environmental improvements, including mitigating the effects of and adapting to climate change. The Energy Programs Office has been spearheading Pennsylvania’s efforts to capitalize Federal investments and advance the Commonwealth’s clean energy future.