2019 Clean Jobs Report Shows Over 68k EE Jobs

  • June 21, 2019

 2019 Clean Jobs Report Release

On a rooftop in North Philadelphia on Wednesday June 19th, Environmental Entrepreneurs released some great news backed by strong data: a whopping 90,000 Pennsylvanians now work in the clean energy industry ⏤ and energy efficiency clocks in at 68,000 jobs.

E2 had this to say about the status of Pennsylvania’s clean jobs market: “Led by one of the nation’s top energy efficiency industries and supported by burgeoning renewable energy and clean vehicle sectors, Pennsylvania has developed one of the strongest diversified clean economies in the country with rural communities benefiting right alongside the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas.”

The clean energy job growth rate outstrips Pennsylvania’s overall job growth by five times, and since 2014, “Pennsylvania has increased its workforce in clean technologies like renewables, energy efficiency, clean vehicles, storage, and grid modernization by nearly 60 percent, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.”

Read the full report here!