2018 Clean Jobs Pennsylvania Report

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This week, our partners at E2 released the latest 2018 jobs report, [download-attachment id=”4532″ title=”Clean-Jobs-Pennsylvania-2018″],  following on the heels of their Clean Jobs Colorado and Clean Jobs America reports. This report details the 86,285 clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania down to the metro, county, and state senate, state house, and congressional district levels. Some other major takeaways include:

  • About 42% of all state clean energy workers are involved in construction
  • Energy Efficiency Jobs – 65,289
  • Renewable Energy Jobs – 8,714
  • Clean Vehicle Jobs – 6,749
  • All 67 counties in Pennsylvania have residents working in clean energy
  • Pennsylvania ranks 11th in clean energy jobs among all 50 states and D.C.
  • 21% of all Pennsylvania clean energy workers are involved in manufacturing
  • Nearly 12,000 clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania are in rural areas

[download-attachment id=”4532″ title=”Clean-Jobs-Pennsylvania-2018″]!

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