Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance & Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey Announce Their 2024 Board of Directors

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New and Returning Board Members Look Forward to Representing the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Energy Efficiency Industry in 2024


January 31, 2024 – The Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA) and the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey (EEA-NJ)—a joint trade association for the energy efficiency industry in Pennsylvania and New Jersey—announced their 2024 Board of Directors this month. Board members are elected by the business members of KEEA and EEA-NJ, a 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to champion efficiency as the foundation of a clean, just, and resilient energy economy. Board members serve a two-year term starting January 1. A complete Board member list is available at

KEEA and EEA-NJ are pleased to welcome Paul Douglas, President of the award-winning JPI Group, as their newest Board member. Mr. Douglas, an experienced entrepreneur and workforce development expert with a significant energy efficiency background, shared this statement:

“I’m pleased to join KEEA and EEA-NJ’s Board of Directors at a critical juncture for the energy efficiency sector. Workforce development continues to be one of the most challenging obstacles and promising avenues for growing the clean energy industry, and The JPI Group’s mission to build community wealth by supporting underrepresented talent in hiring and training, and to empower small and MWBE businesses with growth and scaling resources, dovetails well with the energy efficiency industry’s pressing workforce needs. As founder and president of The JPI Group, I look forward to working with KEEA and EEA-NJ to further good energy efficiency policy and good workforce practices.”

Three other Board members were re-elected for additional terms of office. They include Baird Brown (eco(n)law, LLC), Andy Frank (Sealed), and Renwick Paige (Energy Infrastructure Partners).

In addition, through a bylaws change, KEEA and EEA-NJ Executive Officer terms were recently extended to two years to ensure stability and expertise retention. Board President Carolyn Sloan (Oracle Energy and Water), Vice President Joe Nunley (Green Energy Economics Group), Secretary Ben Adams (MaGrann Associates), and Treasurer Julie de Seve (CLEAResult) all began year two of their terms in January.

Board President Carolyn Sloan reflected on advancing the trade associations in 2024, sharing the statement:

“With over 36,000 jobs in New Jersey and nearly 70,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, energy efficiency continues to be the largest clean energy employer in our region. The KEEA and EEA-NJ trade associations are proud to continue representing this economic powerhouse as we pursue policies that grow our industry, fight climate change, and champion efficiency as the foundation of a clean, just, and resilient energy economy. Between an ever more pressing climate crisis and unique opportunities offered by federal funding, 2024 is a crucial year for our industry, and we are pleased to have The JPI Group’s Paul Douglas join our Board of Directors as we start it. We look forward to Paul sharing his vast experience in workforce development, energy efficiency, and other fields to help us advance our sector in 2024.”

Board Vice President Joe Nunley shared this statement:

“KEEA/EEA-NJ is excited to have Paul Douglas join the Board of Directors. Paul’s experience nationwide brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization and will no doubt expand our work in the years to come”

“The extension to two-year terms for the Executive Committee on the Board of Directors will enable that group to effectively continue work on longer-term projects that do not reach a conclusion after just a one-year term. This will enable a much more effective committee for the organization and members.”

Executive Director Jeaneen Zappa said,

“KEEA and EEA-NJ represent 66 firms and collaborating organizations that perform energy efficiency work in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Every day, our member businesses create energy savings, protect health and comfort, fight climate change, and support energy independence through their work.”

She continued, “I’m pleased to see them represented in 2024 by an experienced Board of Directors that brings diverse industry experiences and perspectives With the addition of Paul Douglas to the Board, I’m confident that 2024 will be a year of energy efficiency policy wins and industry growth for our member businesses, who play such a crucial role in our regional and national energy economies.”

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