2019 Healthcare Industry Forum on Energy Efficiency


Healthcare Industry Forum on Energy Efficiency hosted by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance

Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center

Workshops – Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Full-Day Forum – Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Theme: “Saving Energy Saves Money, Saves Lives, and Promotes Sustainability”

We are seeking dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable presenters for KEEA’s 2019 Healthcare Industry Forum on Energy Efficiency!


The primary forum audience will include multiple levels of health industry professionals from facilities managers, energy engineers, hospital staff and administration to senior-level operations managers and executives.  Entrepreneurs and educators will also be in attendance.  Workshop content and instruction should be geared to a level that is appropriate for the target healthcare industry audience.

The presentations should also engage, educate, and inform these healthcare industry professionals to embrace, understand, and effectively use energy saving techniques, cutting-edge technologies, policies, and best practices.


Proposals are solicited for 60 – 75-minute presentations that are engaging, interactive, creative, and dynamic. The presentation timeframe will include introductions, presentation materials, and attendee questions.  Attendees should leave with specific knowledge and next steps about various aspects of the topic and how it relates to their future development.  


  • Energy Efficiency Best Practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Utilizing Energy Existing Energy Efficiency Programs Effectively
  • Behavioral Practices
  • Utility Contracts and Partnerships
  • Practical Savings Measures
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Triple Bottom Line Success
  • Net Zero Construction
  • Cyber Security in Building Management
  • Financial Management and Energy Savings
  • Microgrid Development for the Health Industry

If you have an industry topic that is leading-edge and within the areas of focus but is not on the list above, we encourage you to submit your idea for special consideration.


As a presenter for KEEA’s 2019 Energy Efficiency & Healthcare Industry Forum, your registration will be significantly discounted.  The registration includes breakfast, access to all breakouts, plenary sessions, lunch, and discount package opportunities to sponsor and/or exhibit at the forum.

Additional benefits include access to KEEA’s discounted room rates.

KEEA does not pay presenters an honorarium or speaker fee.  Presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.  Exceptions may be made for travelers coming from out-of-state.


A variety of breakout presentation formats are desirable at the forum and may include lecture format, panel presentation, or roundtable discussions.  Handouts may be appropriate, depending on the complexity of the topic.  Presenters should be ready to provide learning objectives to be achieved from the presentation that will assist in the determination of CEU verification.

Presenters are responsible for providing copies of workshop handouts and any equipment that will be used during the presentation that does not include standard a/v equipment such as projectors and microphones. Laptops and/or ipads will not be available. Tech assistance is included for presenters at the Forum.


  • Abstract Submission Due: 10/12/18
  • Acceptance/Regret/Waitlist Notification Sent: 11/9/18
  • Full Presentation Due: 2/5/19


Abstract Submission:

Those interested in submitting a proposal to be considered for the forum should first submit an abstract covering the basics of the presentation to be given, theme or subject to be covered, learning objectives for the attendees, purpose of the presentation, and the next steps the presentation will provide attendees upon leaving the forum.

Submissions that do not meet the aforementioned requirements or the submission deadline will be automatically wait-listed.

Submitting the Full Presentation for Those Selected:

  • Full Presentations should be submitted no later than 2/5/19 to Diana Marques
  • Selected Presentations should be saved with the following naming convention: Current Year, Underscore, Workshop Title, Underscore, First Initial and Last Name. Example: 2019_Practical Retrofits for Aging Buildings_JDoe.


All proposals must be submitted by email to Diana Marques at:


All submitters will be notified of acceptance by 11/9/18.

Presenters are encouraged to upload their bios alongside their abstracts.  Please attach your abstract and bio as two (2) separate attachments.

Bio Guidelines:
  • Full name, current job title, and company/organization’s name
  • Description of your role in the company/organization and the products/services it provides

Upon selection of your submission, a complete workshop presentation is required within 30 days of the Forum.


Questions should be emailed to Diana Marques at KEEA – dmarques@keealliance.org