KEEA Conference 2016

Thanks for joining us for the KEEA Conference 2016! View slides and enjoy photos from this exciting day!

View the full set of KEEA Conference 2016 slides here.

Kenneth Black Keynote

Beyond Act 129: Policy

Patrick Cicero, Jennifer Kefer, Maria Robinson, Colin Bishopp

Beyond Act 129: Implementation

Claire Miziolek, Matt Costello, Marisa Uchin, Austin Whitman

Decoupling/ Rate Design

Dan Clearfield, David Littel

Utility Programs In Phase III

Pete Cleff, Nick DeDominicis, Kent Hatt, David Defide

NY REV/ Nonwires/ Microgrid

Miles Farmer, Susie Komornik, Bob Callender, Philip Austen

Pittsburgh & Philadelphia

Aftyn Giles, Isaac Smith

Unique to PA

Annie Gilleo, Ellen Zuckerman