Energy Efficiency continues to deliver results for PA — Act 129 Phase II numbers are out!

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The independent Statewide Evaluator’s (SWE) analysis of Act 129 Phase II programs is out, and the numbers tell a great story about the success of our EE&C programs in PA.

See below and attached for KEEA’s initial response press release highlighting the impressive results!

In the coming week, we will be further analyzing the report and developing a factsheet with additional detail on the SWE’s findings.

The PUC Order can be found at:
Order – 2289411-LAW – 4-6-17 PM – Act 129 EEC Program Compliance

Thanks to all who have made these programs a success and worked tirelessly to protect one of the Commonwealth’s best energy success stories!


$2.2 Billion in Savings for Consumers in Just 3 Years
Homes and Businesses Reduce Energy Demand, Save Money

The past three years of Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency programs under a law known as Act 129 have delivered nearly $2.2 billion in savings to all Pennsylvania electricity consumers. In total, the programs have saved 3,370,673 megawatt hours of electricity – the amount of electricity consumed by roughly 330,000 Pennsylvania households each year. A new report issued today by the state’s Public Utility Commission evaluated whether the energy efficiency programs achieved the Commission’s three-pronged mandate to increase energy efficiency of homes and businesses, reduce statewide energy demand, and do so at a net-positive benefit to cost for consumers.

The Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Matt Elliott released the following statement:

“The report confirms, once again, that Pennsylvania’s Act 129 energy efficiency programs are making the Commonwealth more energy efficient — reducing energy use and helping businesses and residents save money. Better yet, the programs are cost-effective and deliver net benefits to everyone that pays an electric bill. For every $1 invested in energy efficiency over the past three years, Pennsylvania electricity customers have realized $1.7 in benefits.”

“In addition to saving energy and saving money, the federal Department of Energy recently reported that energy efficiency supports 62,431 jobs in Pennsylvania. In fact, despite economy-wide ups and downs, Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency industry has seen an average annual job growth rate of 7.5% year after year, for the past 7 years.”

“Today’s report demonstrates that smart state energy policy like Act 129 can deliver cost savings while also creating tens of thousands of jobs. These are local Pennsylvania jobs – many of which could never be outsourced – and we applaud the legislature for having the foresight to enact 129, and to continue to support the programs over the years as energy savings and job creation add up, year over year.”

“We also applaud the state’s utilities for running cost-effective, efficient programs that are serving Pennsylvania’s residents, government and non-profit buildings, low-income households, small businesses, and large commercial and industrial facilities. Every utility exceeded its energy savings goals.

“While it’s clear that the top-line data shows a win-win-win, KEEA will be further analyzing the report and briefing the public and stakeholders on additional findings in the coming weeks.”

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