Rich Selverian, President

  • September 28, 2016

Armed with a BS in Engineering from Swarthmore College, Selverian started his career in the technical field of nuclear power and the utility industry.  He spent ten years in operations and learned the importance of strong production, effective measurements and finely tuned processes.  Selverian left his day-to-day operational position to enhance his corporate experience in strategic planning, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and human resources.  He attended Columbia University and secured an MBA which pulled together his academic, theoretical and practical experiences.

As a business consultant, Selverian excelled in helping his clients design their organization and then align their people and processes to meet their business objectives.  Putting together talented people with positions that allow them to follow their interests and grow in their careers is one of the gratifications Selverian has enjoyed throughout his career, and at MaGrann Associates.

As President of MaGrann, Selverian is able to draw on both his technical education and his extensive operational experience to help the Company set a clear vision for the future, implement effective processes and attract and develop the best people in the business.  He enjoys the continuing challenge of growing the business while maintaining a high level of quality in service to its customers.  As a leader in the business of energy consulting and green building, MaGrann Associates is well positioned to achieve these goals.