Kyle Haddock

  • September 28, 2016
  • Kyle Haddock is a business development and operational management experienced executive for CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. with 20+ years of experience with the design and delivery of energy conservation programs.  He provides leadership in the development of Utility program offerings for residential and small commercial customers and drives program development activities for energy affordability (low-income) programs on a national scale.  Of personal and professional interest is the benefits and the impact energy conservation programs have at the national, state, utility, and community level to reduce the energy burden on low income families.
  • Since 1989 Kyle has managed the development of Utility sponsored energy conservation programs and home performance services in multiple states and in eastern Canada.  For utilities, their customers or builders, Mr. Haddock works with a focus on what he calls CASH where the focus remains on providing Comfortable, Affordable, and Safer and Healthier homes for those who deserve one.  Working within the Home Energy Rater, Building Performance, and Energy Code Community he provides training on Energy Education techniques, Health & Safety testing, Building Science, and related aspects of the International Energy Conservation Code.
  • Mr. Haddock has been an invited participant in multiple Green Curriculum Development Forums, has been a committee member for Affordable Comfort National and Regional Conferences, current member of the NREL Single Family Scheme Committee for HEP Certifications, and a Board Member of the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA).